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Friday, June 24, 2011

Communication/OPEN HOUSE EVENT

In today's society there is a plethora of communication tools; the three main communications being phones, social networking sites, and email. Within in each of those three tools, many more capabilities are available. Therefore, it really should be easy to keep in touch with anyone. However, I find this to not be the case. I really find keeping in touch to be one of my largest challenges in life and in Threads for Teens.

For Threads for Teens, there is a lot of communication that must be made. Phone calls, emails, blog posts, Twitter updates, and Facebook statuses are the many ways that I try to keep Threads for Teens going. This is definitely a lot to juggle. At first, I was really terrible at keeping things together, but as I have been doing this for a longer period of time, I have been doing better. It can be insanely daunting to have all of these tools at my fingertips, so at points I don't even know where to start. However, I love what I do with Threads for Teens so it never feels like a job.
Now, you might be asking yourself, "what is the point of this blog post?". That is an extremely valid question and my answer that this is the reason that my blog posts, twitter updates, and Facebook statuses seem infrequent. Just know, there is always work going on with Threads for Teens.

NOW I HAVE AN EXTREMELY EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT! I have officially set a date for the Threads for Teens Open House Event. It will be July 10th 2011 from 3:00pm-6:00pm with a presentation at 4:30pm. It is drop-in, so feel free to come whenever. The event is free to attend so please bring as many people as you would like! It will be a great time, and will enable people to be able to come to the shop and see what it is all about.
Here is the actual invitation that will be sent out:

*click on the images to make them larger

I hope to see you there!

Allyson Ahlstrom

Sunday, June 5, 2011


On Tuesday, I will be officially done with sophomore year in high school. I cannot believe that at all, as I feel like only yesterday I was a freshman, walking into the gym on the very first day of school. I was terrified that day, as I had no clue what Ursuline High School would be like. I didn't know if I would fit in, make any friends, be able to handle the classes, like the teachers, etc. After a rocky first semester, I found that Ursuline High School was everything that I could have ever hoped for in a high school. The teachers are amazingly supportive; they always try to make sure that every student succeeds in what she wants to do, providing guidance at every step of the way. Many teachers and faculty members have gone out of their way to help me with Threads for Teens. I would like to give a huge thank you to Ms. Greaney, the CBSL Ursuline girls coordinator. She has been helping me with Threads for Teens since the very, very beginning, giving me advice on what to do whenever I have been stuck. Ms. Carver, the principal of UHS, is another person that I would like to give a huge thank you. She has been extremely supportive. Ms. Hardy, I also would like to thank you for helping me out with all of the tax forms. Those forms have contributed hugely to the success of Threads for Teens. Other people at my school that I would like to thank are as follows: Ms. Martin, Mr. Kamplain, Ms. Bailey, Ms. Niendorf, Ms. Paul, Ms. Barry, Ms. Kelly, and Ms. Ormond. THANK YOU!
Ms. Carver, Me, Ms. Greaney

The girls at my school are caring, compassionate, and kind. My class has so many wonderful, bright girls that are always willing to help. I know this to be true, as more than 32% (25 girls) of the girls in my class have helped Threads for Teens in some form or another. So, from to all of those volunteers, THANK YOU! I know that I will never be short on volunteers because of these wonderful girls from my school. At the shop, my friends have helped me out with many different tasks including: fixing a table, making motivational signs, finding ingenious ways to organize items, giving fashion advice to girls that have come into the shop, and really doing any task that I find needs to be done, without complaint. Here are some pictures of what girls from my school have done to help the shop:

Now this table took a lot of time to do (many hours)! It started with cutting out clippings from magazines, placing them, the modge-podging them onto the table. Many girls helped with this project.

Yes, this is a fridge. I never knew what to do with it until several girls had the idea to put merchandise in it!

Here are many of my friends that have helped Threads for Teens. :)

Without the help of volunteers, many of these things would never have been done!
Now, you may or may not know this, but on tuesday at 12:00pm PST, Ursuline High School will be closing its doors to private, all-girls, Catholic education indefinitely. This saddens me immensely to know that I will not be seeing many of the familiar faces next year when I will be at Cardinal Newman High School. I will miss so many teachers, administration, and staff next year. I did not mention all the names of people that have helped me personally in this blog post, but I want you (the reader) to know that there are many other incredible people that are a part of Ursuline that have helped me personally, and many other students in so many different ways. Speaking for fellow students and myself, THANK YOU.

Back to Threads for Teens news, I would like to thank Buckle for sending a box of assorted clothing items! Thank you, all of it was needed very much. I know that girls will be insanely excited to see the new items that you have sent. :)

One of my favorite things about the physical location of the boutique is the fitting room. When the shop was being set-up, creativity had to be used to figure out where girls would try on clothes. The space that Threads for Teens is in right now used to be a deli. In the deli was a large fridge. This fridge is now the dressing room. Don't worry, we don't keep it too cold ;)!

I need to get back to studying for finals :/, but I will be doing a lot of Threads for Teens stuff this summer, including an open house. I know I said by this time I would have information on it, but we are still in the final stages of planning it. I promise that information will come soon.

Lots of Love!
Allyson Ahlstrom