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Thursday, July 22, 2010

so soon

In less than TWO WEEKS the Threads For Teens event will take place. I cannot believe it! Lately, I been working on making sure that all last minute details are in place. This is includes, going through inventory, getting clothing sizes for the girls, picking up hangers and clothing racks, and all of that crazy stuff!

Something exciting that I did last night was have a meeting to organize a press release. It should be sent out next week. Now, if you don't know what a press release is, here is an explanation. Basically it is sent out to different media outlets (newspapers, magazines, radio stations, tv stations, etc.) and if any of the media outlets are interested in doing a piece on what is in the press release they will contact the person that sent it out. So, it would be so amazing if any media outlet picked up the story of Threads For Teens, because it would give it so much more publicity and the chance for more people to donate. This could help out so much!

That's all for now!
Allyson Ahlstrom

Sunday, July 18, 2010

the time is almost here!

Everything is happening so quickly! In 17 days Threads For Teens will have officially kicked off. I seriously cannot believe how great everything has gone and that this project has became so much bigger than I ever thought that it would become. Of course, I could never be able to have done this all on my own. So many tremendous people have helped me out throughout these past couple of months and without them, Threads For Teens will not be what it is today. Anyway, this blog post is not dedicated to thank you's. That will be coming in a later blog.

Lately I've mostly been dedicating my time to picking up last minute donations and documenting them so I know what I need to buy. I have also started picking up some items that were not donated, but I needed to "fill in the gaps". I have received several VERY generous cash donations. You do not know how much those are helping this project.

The other big, big thing that I have been working hard with? Finding girls to come and "shop" at the boutique. This really has been so humbling because these girls I'm working with have so little. It is my privilege to help them out. Honestly, if everybody in the world were to just dedicate a little time each week to volunteer at something they believe in, we might not have as many problems in the world as we do today. This whole notion reminds me of the song "If Everybody Cared" by Nickelback. It's a really great song, and really makes you think. I would highly recommend listening to it.

Well, I'll put some pictures up later! I know that reading all of this is probably quite boring, but I didn't really have much of anything to take a picture.


-Allyson Ahlstrom