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Monday, September 22, 2014

Tour Donor: rue21

A happy girl with an adorable new top from rue21
rue21 contacted me after seeing a segment about Threads for Teens on the TODAY show. They were really excited about Threads for Teens, and actively looking for a way to get involved. Well, I am so glad that they reached out because everything they send is always taken so quickly. At the store even before the tour, the girls loved all of the items.

For the tour, everything we had of theirs was taken! I reached out to Deanna, one of my contacts there to ask her some questions about rue21 and how they see their mission fitting with Threads for Teens' mission.

1) Why did rue21 decide to become involved with Threads for Teens on Tour? 
We love the mission of Threads for Teens and want all teens to have access to fashion that’s modern, trendy and affordable. It’s all about boosting confidence and a positive feeling in themselves and others, and that’s what we’re about, too!

2) What is rue21's mission, and how do you see that aligning with Threads for Teens?
We offer the latest trends while staying affordable, so our customers don’t have to sacrifice style for savings. Our brand is set to give teens the best trends out there for less, and that includes those who are less fortunate. We want everyone to feel good about themselves, and style says a lot when you’re a teen. We want everyone to have the opportunity to express themselves!

3) How do you see clothing affecting confidence?
It doesn’t have to take a whole outfit to look good – simply adding a statement necklace or new pair of shoes can make you feel good and improve your mood, boosting your confidence. To us, “21” embodies an age that’s fun and everyone wants to be. It’s a feeling and spirit of one of the best times in our lives. We want teens to put on our clothes and have that good feeling.

4) Is there anything else you would like to mention?
To us, confidence is your best accessory!


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tour Donor: Claire's

Claire's Volunteers in Chicago, IL
This summer, we had the extreme privilege of working with Claire's Accessories. They not only donated tons of amazing product, but at over half of our stops, they sent out managers and district managers to volunteer. The volunteers were always so amazing and helpful. They have an eye for how to arrange the clothes and most especially the accessories. Furthermore, they also know how to style the girls. At our stop in Chicago we also had the pleasure of being able to hold our event in the Claire's HQ parking lot.

Taylor Foster, Allyson Ahlstrom, Maryann Porter

I would like to thank Maryann Porter who contacted me last year to set this up! She has been a true rockstar in getting volunteers to our events, along with product donations. Read below for our interview with Maryann on why she was so passionate about working with Threads for Teens.

1) Why did Claire's decide to become involved with Threads for Teens on Tour?
I was deeply affected by the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary.  I live near it but it also affected so many of the beautiful kids that we serve.  I wanted to do something and came up with the idea of doing a day dedicated to them.  I asked my Connecticut team to volunteer.  After hearing about what we were doing,
I had employees from all over my territory volunteering.  Team members from up to five hours away drove in on a Sunday morning to volunteer for the event.  We had more volunteers than we had girls at the event!  I knew then what I always believed that in order to engage your customer, you must engage your employee.  And more importantly, Claire's employees rock!  So, I googled "volunteering teen charities" and your organization came up.  I did research and loved it.  I felt it encompassed everything I was looking for in terms of who we serve as well as our people could really enjoy making a difference.

2) What is Claire's mission, and how do you see that aligning with Threads for Teens?
Claire's mission is to make all girls and women smile, helping them express their individuality by offering innovative and fashionable, fun and affordable jewelry, beauty and accessories.  The word smile is important in our mission.  For a small price, we put a smile on a girl or woman's face. We can change their day.  We can change how they feel about themselves.  I always tell the people that work for me don't take that lightly.

3) How do you see fashion affecting confidence?
I think this is huge.  I know from my own experience, it changes your attitude when you walk out the door in a great outfit.  I do believe we become what we wear.  At Claire's, we talk a lot about "Dress to Impress".  I think this is so important.

4) Is there anything else you would like to mention?
I really appreciate being able to be a part of Threads for Teens.  It has been a great experience for my teams.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Tour 2014 Wrap-Up

The tour this past summer was truly such an amazing success. Without the help of many however, it would not have been possible! I would like to take this moment to share some final tour statistics.

9,300 Miles Driven
27 States Visited
13 Clothing Events
1000 Girls Given Free, Brand-New Clothing
42 Service Agencies Worked With

37 Claire’s Volunteers

Thank you so much to everyone who participated and followed our journey this year!