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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Washington DC

Washington DC
Tuesday, July 22nd

After a restful night's sleep at the Capitol Skyline Hotel, we woke and went downstairs to set up the mobile boutique. We were greeted by two members of Ford's grassroots marketing team. Following their arrival, the local Fox affiliate sent out their reporter, Wisdom and a camera man to film a live segment for the morning show. We were very grateful that Ford's grassroots marketing team was able to put us in connection with the Fox news station.

Wisdom, Allyson, Taylor and Natalie.

Link to clip of Fox News Segment

The segment was successful and so widely watched that we had people visiting the boutique just to get a closer look because they had seen us on TV. Two viewers in particular, Jania and her grandmother, Gwen, saw us and "just had to stop by" to say hi and learn more about what we're doing. Jania was awestruck and inspired by the segment and was truly ecstatic to visit the boutique and meet Allyson, Natalie and Taylor. So sweet! We're always happy to have visitors.

Jania, Allyson, Gwen, and Taylor. 

Following the taping of the morning show segment, Icing and Claire's employees and managers arrived at the boutique ready to volunteer- 6 boxes of donations in hand. The boxes held Claire's accessories including- hats, scarves, jewelry, bags, sunglasses, etc. Not only did their donations replenish our accessories, it provided the boutique with items we previously did not have. We were so excited to receive the donations and we knew the girls would love it all!

Taylor, Natalie and Allyson posing with all of our wonderful Icing and Claire's volunteers.

At around 10 am the girls began arriving for their shopping appointments. Our shoppers were referred by Courtney's House, Family Matters, and CASA. The trailer was booming with the hustle and bustle of numerous shoppers and volunteers. Luckily, we were so heavily staffed that each girl was truly able to receive 1 on 1 VIP attention during her shopping appointment. Our shoppers definitely enjoyed the newly unpacked Claire's accessories. Through the course of the day about 20 girls received clothing and accessories items. All in all it was a great, busy day!! We love doing what we do.
The hustle and bustle of shopping appointments in the boutique.

Following the shopping appointments, we spent the afternoon sightseeing in our spacious, air conditioned C-Max Hybrid. Thanks again Ford!

Capital Building!

Taylor, Natalie, Allyson and Anika at Marine Barracks.

Taylor, Natalie, Allyson, and Anika at Georgetown Cupcakes.

Our delicious Georgetown cupcakes.

9/11 memorial at the Newseum.

The White House!

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial.

Piece of the Berlin Wall at the Newseum.

Iwo Jima Memorial.

Iwo Jima Memorial.

Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. 

Off to Baltimore, Maryland!! Stay tuned.


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