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Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy Holidays from Threads for Teens

This December, at the Threads for Teens storefront, we treated our previous shoppers to a Holiday themed goodie bag. Invitations sent via email were delivered to every girl that had visited Threads for Teens in the past year, welcoming them back on December 20th for a day of Holiday celebration with apple cider, cookies, and of course a Holiday goodie bag (pictured below)!

While picking up the goodie bags, sourdough breads, donated by Boudin (Santa Rosa), and cheeses were enjoyed.

Volunteers assisted in the creations of these bags the few days before December 20th. In total, we made and handed out over 100 Holiday goodie bags! Each bag consisted of the following: a winter hat, a sparkly red headband, a nail polish, a lip gloss, a candy cane, a lotion, and one of our various accessories. While picking up their bag, the girls and their families enjoyed apple cider, cookies, and yummy sourdough bread, donated by Boudin Bakery in Santa Rosa. 
Overall, December 20th was a fun-filled and heartwarming day at the Threads for Teens storefront. That day we handed out 60 goodie bags! I am still in the process of delivering some extra bags, that could not be picked up on the day of our event.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! 
Ashton Smith 

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