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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta, Georgia
Saturday, June 22nd

We woke up this morning ready for a busy day of work.  We knew today would be an exciting one, after talking extensively with a CASA representative who told us they had ready at the trailer site for us.  When we arrived at the trailer's location, we saw two large white tents, a table of breakfast food, a makeup station, and many girls and the CASA reps eagerly waiting our arrival.  There was even a news channel there to film the day!  Allyson's friend Kelsey from the Prudential Awards showed up with the rest of her family to help us throughout the day.  Kelsey started a project called Bands4RAINN, which raises money for survivors of sexual assault.  She had a blast and did a great job helping the girls to find clothes throughout the day.  The girls had a lot of fun choosing their items, and we enjoyed working with all of the kind and amazing girls during their shopping appointments.

Katie, Kelsey, and Allyson with Kelsey.

The tents that CASA set up for us and the girls.

Allyson getting interviewed for a news channel.

Allyson holding a thank you frame with notes from the girls. 

Allyson with the Fulton County CASA staff.

After packing up the trailer, we headed out to explore the World of Coke in Atlanta.  We had so much fun tasting the flavors from all around the world and choosing our favorites.  We highly recommend going to the World of Coke, it such was a great experience!

Katie, Kelsey, and Allyson in front of Coca-Cola memorabilia.

The tasting room at the World of Coca-Cola.  (If you go there, try the Beverly from Italy because it's delicious!)

On our way to Florida, we made sure to stop and get some sweet Georgia peaches! 
Overall, It was an absolutely great day.  We had a blast working with the CASA staff and the amazing girls, and had a great road trip to Florida after!  We are now looking forward to having another awesome day in Florida tomorrow!


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