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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Nashville, TN

Nashville, Tennessee
Wednesday, June 26th

Our drive from Charlotte to Nashville was one of the most beautiful drives we have had.  We passed through  the gorgeous Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, where the Hunger Games was filmed! We were greeted by an enormous and beautiful sunset upon our arrival to Nashville.

The biggest sun we've ever seen!

Finally, after a very long seven hour car ride, we arrived at the amazing Indigo Hotel! They were so kind and welcoming to us, and surprised us all by leaving a gift bag in our room! Thank you Hotel Indigo!

The contents of the care package from Hotel Indigo!
The next morning we woke up ready to start the days appointments. First, we realized that the carpets were dirty, so we asked the hotel to lend us a much-needed vacuum!

Allyson got to work vacuuming the carpets.
After everything was cleaned and ready to go, the girls came in to start their shopping!  One of the girls was having a hard time finding clothes that she liked, but we noticed that she was wearing a collared button-down shirt, so we matched her up with a checkered blue shirt of similar style.  Many of the girls liked the turquoise blue shorts and asked for our help with finding a top to match it.  It was fun searching through the clothes with the girls to find a matching shirt that they liked.  In the end, we were able to help all the girls find clothes that they loved, and everyone left happy with their choices!

Allyson helping a girl find a cute dress.
Vernel Mitchell, an advocate supervisor of CASA, stopped by the trailer for a while to see us.

The hotel was also able to lend us a ladder so the chandelier could be fixed! Thanks again!
Meanwhile, Katie is taking her turn cooling off in front of the air conditioner; it was a very hot day in Nashville!

Ronni Anderson, the director of sales from Hotel Indigo, came down to say hi to all of us.

Allyson and Amy pose for a picture together.  So cute!

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