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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Jackson, MS

Jackson, Mississippi
Thursday, June 20th

This morning we got some much-needed time to sleep in, as appointments started at 1:00 today and not 10:00 like usual. While it was great to get the extra sleep, the downside was that the shopping appointments were at a hotter time of day.  The temperature got up to a blistering 97 degrees, with a heat index of 106! At one point we had seven girls shopping in the trailer, which caused the heat in the non-air-conditioned trailer to go up about 10 degrees! The girls seemed to be used to it, but we were struggling to stay hydrated and cool.  Even with the intense humidity, the girls had a blast finding their three items and we had a great time helping them! 
Allyson with Tahneesha Harris from the Division of Family and Children Services

After all fifteen girls left happy with their clothes, we packed up the trailer and headed off on our four hour drive to Birmingham, Alabama! Along the way we stopped in downtown Jackson and saw both the old and the new capitol buildings.  

Mississippi's old Capitol building

The new capitol building hidden behind some trees

We made it to sweet home Alabama!

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